Monday, September 1, 2008

Can Blogging be fun?

I am just wonder what you all think about blogging. I'm not sure if blogging is fun or not. A few of my family members have blogs and they send me updates now and then. When we started this blog I thought that it might be fun but I haven't added any post's to it yet. I think I better start so that I can decided if blogging is fun or not. Tell me what you think about blogging!

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Terri said...

I absolutely love blogging! I find out so many fun things. For instance, my friend put a fun blog up about your site, which I love, and also told me about a great deal that O' Scrap! has going on on their site at Without blogging, I wouldn't know about some of these fun places. She also makes adorable cards, etc. and shares them on her blog. Ya-hoo to blogging!

I have moved the store into my home!

I have moved the store into my home!
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