Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What do I love about life?

Please don't make me choose just one thing! I will be telling you about all of things I love in life over the next while. I love my family. Husband, children and grandchildren. We just had a family party. We called it Bearden Family Olympics/Halloween Party. I took a few pics of the grandkids in costumes but was too busy during the olympics trying to keep the judge (grandpa) doing his job to take any pics. Of corse we had food first then the Olympics and then we ended with the candy bar game.

1 comment:

PEASE said...

What a fun picture, I love it. We always had such a great time at those family partys. I will always remeber grandma in her witch coustume, I LOVE THAT WOMAN. It looks like you had a great party. Great memories.

I have moved the store into my home!

I have moved the store into my home!
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